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If you haven’t noticed, Bitcoin has moved further up the conversation ladder. It’s become an unavoidable topic in some form or another. Most iterations are in line with an assumed criminality and volatility. Now, Paypal has expedited the adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method for people unfamiliar with Binance or Coinbase and it’s reaching higher and higher levels.

Undoubtedly, many people have purchased BTC without truly knowing what it is. That’s not new. Many people invest in the legacy security markets with little knowledge of their…

A pandemic exposed the inadequacies of American healthcare.

COVID-19 has left many with doubts about lean management, stakeholder modeling and the encumbered search for revenue in healthcare. The United States remains one of few countries without a national program. The election of Biden may increase the need for political rivals to pursue erasure of present programs, but younger generations demand healthcare as a right and the process of its administration is under discrepancy at large. Why didn’t we have the capacity and staff to handle the problem, in aggregate? Had the modern idea of logistics included healthcare systems running at…

Ryan Wright

Futurist, accidental researcher, avid analyst. MBA, BA Ancient Literature, Blockchain Council member.

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